Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June GlossyBox Unboxing

If you haven't heard of GlossyBox they are a monthly beauty subscription service that is £10 a month, I have been subscribed to GlossyBox for just under a year and I look forward to getting my box every month. Normally you get 5 products, a mix of full size and sample size, sometimes there will be a 6th bonus product. One of the things I like about this box is that I can try out products from brands I have never heard of before and products that are new and innovative.

This months box contains:

Spa To You- Konjac Sponge (Full size, retails for £6.99), I've never heard of this brand before or seen a product like this before, it is an exfoliating sponge. I can't wait to give this a try!

Origins- GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer ( ample size, full size retails for £24) I have tried this product before, I received a sample with an online order. I did like it and did consider buying the full size product at the time but it had sold out. I'm looking forward to using this again and its smells so good.

De Bruyere-After Sun Lotion (Full size, retails for £9.48) I've never heard of this brand before and I'm always on the look out for a good after sun so looking forward to trying this out.

Ladival- Sun Protection Spray SPF15 (Full size, retails for £19.99) I haven't heard of this brand either and £19.99 is up there in price for a sun tan lotion, and SPF 15 is a bit to low for me, I'm a SPF 30 at a minimum because my skin is so fair. But it might come in handy for a day where a stronger SPF isn't necessary.

Emite Make Up- Lip & Cheek Tint (Full size, retails for £12.50) I think I've heard of this brand before I just can't remember when, I have swatched this on the back of my hand, The colour I received is a Berry Red and it is very sheer. I wouldn't use this on my cheeks but it would use it on my lips as an everyday, more natural make up day.

The bonus product this month is the Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute  Reconstructor Deep Conditioner (retails for £1.09)I'm really looking forward to  trying this, I'm always on the hunt for a something that will really deep condition my hair.

The full retail value of this months box is £74.

There are some great products in this months box that I am really looking forward to using.

If you want to sign up for GlossyBox click here!

If you are already subscribed to GlossyBox leave me a comment telling me what you thought of this months box.


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Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Impressions- Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice

Just looking at this palette it is a highlight dream!! I've been trying to get my hands on this palette for a little while now and it finally came back in stock in my local Boots and I snapped it up before they were all gone again. I paid £10 for the palette and have been testing it out over the last few days.

The packaging is mirrored gold and stands within the rest of my make-up collection. The brush it comes with isn't the best, but that doesn't bother me as I don't usually use brushes that come in palettes.

The palette comes with 1 cream highlighter and 3 powder highlighters, 2 of which are baked. 

Ecliptic: Is the cream highlight in the palette, it is a light bronze colour and is nice and smooth, perfect to layer up with a powder highlight.

Hemisphere: Is a baked purple highlight. This is my favourite in the palette! it just makes the skin glow, its smooth, not overly powdery and applies to the skin so nicely.

Subsolar: Is a yellow/gold highlight, not my favourite in the palette purely because the colour doesn't suit my skin tone but the formula is still excellent.

Equinox: Is a rose gold baked highlighter, this is a beautiful highlight, the colour doesn't quite suit me on my cheek bones but I am determined to use this some how.

I can't get over how beautiful this palette is!! I get why everyone has been raving about online. The formula is excellent and the ones I have played with so far look amazing on the skin. I you love highlighters this is the palette for you! There are other palettes within the collection so I am going to try and get my hands on them.

If you have tried this palette or any other sleek highlight palettes leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Favourite Go To Everyday Make Up Items

I generally will tend to stick to the same products everyday especially when I am going to work, I like to use things that are reliable and I know will last on my skin all day with out very little maintenance.

This foundation is one of my all time favourite foundations and number one from the drugstore. I have to mix two colours together to get my perfect shade but it sits on by skin like a dream and lasts all day, highly recommend this foundation.

I love this concealer!! It helps brighten and cover my dark circles.It doesn't crease or make my under eyes look dry. This was a YouTube made me purchase product but I love it and I am close to needed mine replaced. It has never let me down.

MUA eye-shadow Palette in Undressed
I revieved this palette in a glossy box around Christmas time and I use the lighter shades all over my lid to make my eyes look bright and awake. The eyeshadow stays in place all day and doesn't crease. I will sometimes use different palettes or colours depending on how I feel but this is my most used. I was really surprised at how much I actually liked this palette.

I bought this powder after seeing it used on YouTube as a dupe for the Laura Mercier powder and it kind of is but the Laura Mercier powder is more finely milled and you can tell its is expensive. I save that for special occasions because it is so pricey and use this everyday to bake my parts of my face and its is a really great product.

I love this mascara!! It adds so much volume and length to my eyelashes, It doesn't smudge, run or irritate my eyes, I can go to the gym after work and this won't have moved at all. It makes my eyelashes look amazing!

I have gone through so many of these in the last few years, I don't have time in the morning to spend forever filling in my brows, Gimme Brow takes a few minutes and gives my brows definition and structure and will stay in place all day! I have tried several dupes for this and to me nothing else comes close.

What are your everyday essentials? leave me comment below


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Sunday, June 5, 2016

L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation Review

This foundation has been raved about all over social media, it has been out in the US for a while but only just hit stores here in the UK. When I saw it in my local boots I just had to snap it up!!

I didn't have to much trouble matching my shade, I am in the lightest shade 01 Porcelain and there are 7 shades in total.

The foundation is described as having a dewy glow and normally I do prefer to have a matte finish foundation because my skin can get quite oily through out the day.

I have been testing this foundation over the last week, I haven't changed anything else about my make up, same primer, concealer and powder, just changing and trying different application processes.

My preferred way of applying this foundation is to start with the sponge applicator it comes with and then go in with my beauty blender just to make sure its all blended in. If I need to I will use my beauty blender to add a little more coverage. I don't like how it applies with a brush, I feel like it just doesn't blend very nicely into my skin.

It has a medium coverage and you can build it up a little bit but not a lot, depending on how my skin is, it can still show a little bit of redness through but sometimes I don't mind as it gives me a more natural look.

The foundation does give a nice healthy glow to the skin and doesn't stick to any dry patches.The one thing I really like is that it lasts on my skin through out the day, it doesn't break up on the skin or move around, and it has been put the test as it is really hot and humid at the moment and it still stays in place.

The packaging is great and has a really nice sized mirror, one thing I was really worried about was that it might dry up in the packaging but the seal is really tight on it. I would however like to be able to see how much is left of the product so I know if I am going to run out, but that is me being picky.

Over all I really love this foundation and is definitely going to be my new everyday foundation for the summer.

Rating: 4.5/5

If you have tried this product let me know in the comments what your thoughts are??


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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trying out Asian Skin Care

I was bored one night and ended up on Amazon and browsing through their beauty section when I came across these different face masks and immediately purchase them. 3 of them are peel off mass which I have seen quite a few videos on You Tube about and the other is just a little bit weird.

I couldn't really tell the difference between these 3 masks, I felt they pretty much did the same thing, which wasn't a lot. All three have the exactly the same consistency and are a bit messy to use until it dries down and you can peel it off. I don't feel like any of them remove that many blackheads, the only thing I feel like it removes is any little hairs on my face and removes dead skin cells. I actually prefer normal nose pore strips, for me personally they do a much better job.

I love this mask, it is so unique! It actually bubbles up on your skin and it is such a weird feeling when it does this. It makes my skin feel extremely clean and my skin feels so refreshed after I have used it especially if I have been wearing a lot of make up. I like to use this once a week usually on a Wednesday or Thursday to help clear up any build up in my pores. If I was going to suggest any of the products it would be this one because of the deep cleaning it gives your skin.

Leave me a comment down below if you have tried any of these products before, if you have had amazing results let me know how you achieved it and I will give it ago. 

If you have any suggestions of products I should try leave a comment as well.


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