Sunday, May 15, 2016

First Impressions: The Balm Nude Tude EyeShadow Palette

I was in town shopping the other day and I popped into TK Maxx and I came found The Nude Tude Palette by The Balm in their beauty section, I have never seen any products by The Balm in TK Maxx before. So when I saw this in TK Maxx for £16 I couldn't resist especially because it probably wouldn't be there when I went back.

I have been eyeing this palette for a little while but as it is normally £30 and if I am going to spending £30 on a palette I want to swatch it to make sure that its worth the money.

I love the range of colours in the palette from highlight, transition, crease, lid and liner shades. I also like that its not full of different shades of brown but a nice mix, I also love that there is a matte black shade and a highlight shade. The pigmentation is fantastic and the shadow are nice and buttery, they all blend out really nicely. I could take this on holiday with nothing else and be happy I could create a nice range of looks.

The packaging is great and really visually appealing, I especially like that cover of the palette with the bedroom scene, talk about dream bedroom. The Balm products always have great packaging an I wasn't let down. I love that the names of the shadows are printed on the inside so you know what shadow you are using. The palette has a great mirror and its slim not overly bulky would be perfect for travelling. The only thing I don't like is the brush, but I never like the brushes that come in palettes

Favourite Shadow in the palette is Sexy a nice deep plum colour.

Least favourite shadow is Snobby, I'm just not a fan of peachy yellow shades.

I am really glad I picked up this palette and I know that I am going to get a lot of use out of it.

Overall rating:4/5

If you have holy grail product from The Balm let me know and I will give it a try.

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