Monday, May 30, 2016

Top 5 Favourite High End Lipsticks

Mac Creme Cup, Mac LoveLorn, Urban Decay Native, Nars Anita, Urban Decay 714

I love lipsticks and have built up nice collection over the last few years. I found choosing my Top 5 really hard but I have managed to narrow it down.

I tend to go for a more nudey lipstick with a pink under tone as it suits my skin tone a lot better than more browny nudes. The 5 I gave picked are my most used lipsticks and are more everyday shades.

Mac Creme Cup, Mac LoveLorn, Urban Decay Native, Nars Anita, Urban Decay 714

CremeCup is a cremesheen lipstick and has to be my most used lipstick and my go to every day colour. It is a pinky nude and sits on my lips really nicely and wears nicely throughout the day. I love wearing this lipstick to work.

LoveLorn is such a nice pink shade, it is similar in colour to Creme Cup but with a lot more pink to it and it is a lot more glossy on the lips. This was the first MAC lipstick that I ever bought.

Native has a little bit more brown in it that the two Mac shades but I still love it and its the formula is incredible and applies like a dream. Some times I will go over the top with a gloss and it looks so good!

Anita is part of the NARS Audacious lipstick collection and I love it. Its is on the brown side for my type of nude but it is amazing. It lasts on the lips all night and it looks amazing with a smokey eye. I can't wait to but more NARS lipsticks.

I love the packaging on the Gwen Stefani collection and this colour just called out to me. It is a true matte red and it stays on my lips on a night out. It is similar to Ruby Woo by MAC which I also love this pushes it over the edge with the packaging.

This was a hard choice to make as I have quite a few lipsticks to chose from and this will probably change in the next few months.

I already have a list of lipsticks that I want to pick up and test out.

What is your favourite lipstick/ lipstick brand? What brand should I try out? Leave me a comment bellow!!


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