Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quick At Home Pedicure

I really hate having my feet touched by other people so I tend to do my own pedicures. As it is summer and the sandals are coming out I put a lot more effort into taking care of my feet, especially as they are on display a lot more.

I do try and keep this as simple as possible and depending if I have time will do this once a week (if my feet need it maybe twice but that is very rare).

I start my soaking my feet (if I need to I will cut my toe nails before soaking). I sit on the edge of my bath to his just because it is a lot easier for me and less to clean up afterward, I fill the bath up enough so that it covers my feet and might put in some bubble bath as well and let them soak for about 5 minutes or so depending on how I feel.

I then go in with the Avon's exfoliating soap bar this is great just to start gently exfoliate my feet especially in the more delicate areas when I won't be going in with my foot buffer. It also is good for cleaning my feel and making them feel fresh.

This next products is a favourite and it is the Foot Buffer from Soap and Glory this is great for getting in there and giving my feet a really good scrub. It removes all the dead skin of my heals and any other areas that are feeling rough. The thing I really like about this is the handle and the way it curves to help get a really great scrub.

I will then dry of my feet and paint my toe nails and the nail varnish I have been loving is OPI 'Spare Me a French Quarter' from the New Orleans collection.

Once my nail varnish has fully dried, the final product I will go in with is Heel Genius by Soap and Glory, I will cover my feet in this foot cream and then put some socks on so it can all absorb into my skin. It make so much of a difference, it is a brilliant product and definitely worth a try if you have never tried this. I love this product!!

If your like me and don't like getting your feet done I hope this gives you some ideas for at home pedicures.

If you have any holy grail products I should give a try leave me a comment below.


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