Thursday, May 19, 2016

Top 5 Brands I Really Wish I Could Get In The UK

There are so many brands that I wish that I could get in the UK whether via the Internet or in store. The brands either don't ship to the UK or it costs a lot of money to get it shipped to the UK. It really annoys me that when I am on the Sephora website and I add an item to my basket, when I got to check out it tells me that they can't ship it to the UK and with some brands it is just certain products that can't be shipped.

My Top 5 brands on my list to try are:

Colour Pop: I want to buy all of the Colour Pop products, I especially want to try the Kathleen Lights and Jamie King collabs. Colour Pop just don't ship to the UK, I go onto there website every now and then to see if it has changed and just leave disappointed even more so when you see UK beauty bloggers and Vloggers using the products and I can't get a hold of the products.

Kat Von D: I want to try everything in the Kat Von D collection, the products are up there in price so I'm not that comfortable with buying it on Sephora with out even swatching the product and make sure it suits me. 

Wet n Wild: All I hear about Wet n Wild is how great it is for the money, that its a really affordable brand. I really want to try there blushes and new make up brushes as I keep seeing really good reviews.

Tarte: I want to try their Amazonian Clay products especially the blushes, this is a similar issue with the Kat Von D I can order from Sephora but I want to be able to be certain I am picking the right product for me. Plus it is so expensive to get a Spehora package shipped to the UK, you have to order a lot to make it worth the expense.

Lorac: I really want to try the Pro Palettes and the Unzipped Palettes, I have watched so many tutorials wishing I could get a hold of the palettes to try myself. The next time I go to the US my aim is to find a Lorac counter!!!

Are there any brands you want to try or that I should be adding to my list leave me a comment below?


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